I have always enjoyed being creative and love getting involved in lots of artistic projects including water colour painting, sewing, cross stitch, wet felting and pottery. At school, I always felt happiest in practical creative lessons but I was discouraged from taking Art as a GCSE option as I was seen to be academic. As a result I went down a science route but knowing I preferred practical to academic I chose a career as a Podiatrist and completed a degree in Podiatric Medicine.

Utilise our skills with fine motor dexterity

As a Podiatrist with an eye for creativity the role suits me perfectly as we are able to utilise our skills with fine motor dexterity to compliment a lot of the clinical skills needed as a podiatrist, and on reflection I think this is why I was attracted to the role. As a service manager, I have been able to introduce teams to various artistic activities as part of coaching, team building, service development days as it allows individuals to express themselves in a fun and open way. I also use my arts and crafts to provide some balance in my own life and feel a sense of peace and serenity when lost in a new project.

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