About me

Qualified physiotherapist in Malta 1989, post grad gerontology and geriatrics 2002.  Moved to UK 2006, worked in community elderly/neuro, now, lead physio in learning disabilities.

Keen photographer since teens, digital photographer since 2007, opened new opportunities.  Currently fashion and beauty photographer, various high level publications including Vogue Italia also submission and finalist for high level awards including British Hairdressing Awards, Toni and Guy and Spotlight (worldwide beauty)

Thinking out of the box (wait! there is no box!)

Just to list a few ways the two disciplines inform each other: new perspectives – creative solutions – flexible approach – thinking out of the box (wait! there is no box!) – using creative media to influence and create change – keen observational skills in both  human form and functional considerations – introspection, clinical reasoning  risk assessing  business skills including budgeting and self management – working under pressure – working with changing teams, getting the best out of everyone